Paintless Dent Repair

Here's a litte audio clip of us describing our paintless dent repair process.

Hello, welcome to Precision Paintless Dent Repair Cleveland! We are a paintless dent removal company located in Cleveland, Ohio that removes dents from cars without having the need to re-paint your car. Just like our name suggests, we remove dents with the utmost precision backed by 20 plus years of experience. We use a wide variety of paintless dent repair tools for any dent size you may have on your car. Check out our cheap dent repair prices!

If you have a dent in your car and you are unsure of the size or what its going to cost, send us a message and attach some pictures of the dents. We will get back to you with some quotes on what we would charge to have the dent removal done.

If you are unsure or sceptical on how the car will look like after having the dent removed, take a look at our paintless dent repair gallery of before and after pictures!

Dent Repair Cost

Car Dents

Dent Repair Costs Shown Below Are Estimates. Actual Dent Repair Costs Will Be Established During A Visual Inspection.

Type Description Price
Dent Type 1 Up to 1" $79 - $99
Dent Type 2 1 - 2" $99 - $129
Dent Type 3 2 - 3" $129 - $159
Dent Type 4 3 - 4" $159 - $189
Dent Type 5 4 - 5" $189 - $219
Dent Type 6 5 - 6" $229 - $259


Type Description Price
Extra #1 Same Panel Dent $25 Per Dent Extra
Extra #2 Hail Damage Estimate Only
Extra #3 Package Deals Available For Multi-Panel Dents Ask For Package Prices
Extra #4 Body Lines | Glue Pull Method | Aluminum | Obstruction Damage | R&I Add 25%

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Send us some pictures of your car dents and we will provide you with some quotes!